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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  October 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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last night at the amtrak station in oakland. investigators described it as a low speed crash with one of the trains being stopped at the time of the collision. both of the lead engines on each train, however, did have wheels derail. an amtrak spokesperson says none of the injuries are serious. >> as you saw outside this morning, we have clouds and then some rain in some parts of the region. right, tom? >> welcome, pat. you described this as messy weather and somebody better clean it up. illustrate certainly is drippy and dreary on this thursday morning. we've got patchy fog around, patchy drizzle and some showers. and producing a little bit of thunder and lightning in the spots in pennsylvania county. but that does look like that thunder activity is diminishing and those areas of orange and yellow are areas of moderate to heavy rain in fairfax county from near mcclain. farther to the south in southern
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prince william is stafford and southern faulk here, passing showers with maybe a rumble of thunder with moderate rain. elsewhere, light rain and drizzle around washington and nearby suburbs of maryland. temperatures in the region are in the low to mid 60s. 65 at reagan national. sunrise, 7:15. expect some drizzle and fog around this morning. maybe a passing shower through mid morning. then during the afternoon, perhaps a bit of a break from the rain mid date, but then late afternoon and early this evening, showers and maybe thunder, as well. highs reaching low 70s. a look at the weekly planner in ten minutes. how is traffic? >> good morning. we're at duke street and south gordon street, we have issues there. elsewhere in our area, kef natalie seeing wet roadways. give yourself extra time this morning. if you're taking 270, here is the view. in both directions on the 270,
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you are clear. heading on to the beltway, not seeing any problems. tig 95, not seeing any problems on 395. if you travel from edsel and make your way across the 14th street bridge, you're clear at this time. i'm back in ten with another update. back to you both. >> danella, things should be back to normal on the orange line after two days of frustrations. tuesday night, chaos after a person was hit by a train. last night, a nightmare commute after a mechanical failure. john has more from vienna. >> metro riders on the orange line rushed to the exit wednesday night after yet another day of disrupted, delayed service. this time, commuters at the vienna station said they had to sit on the tracks for close to 30 minutes, leaving some to question whether to take metro any more. >> i usually ride the vre, the virginia railway suppress and
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it's much more convenient and they at least give you a free certificate when they're over 30 minutes late. this is ridiculous. >> metro says around 6:45 p.m., the power went out to the mechanical switch on the blue and orange line tracks at the rosalyn station. that caused four trains to stop and delayed a number of other trains on both lines. it's the same problem that delayed trains during the morning rush. metro rider nicki mendecino was caught in both. >> i almost pay $10 a day, and then if i have to park here and i pay $4.50 for that so it's $14.50 to be late for work and miss your bus on the way home. >> this comes less than 24 hours after the commute on the orange line that stranded some passengers for more than two hours. these cell phone pictures showed hundreds inside and greeted a thousand waiting outside. >> i was texting my husband,
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it's yet another day at metro. the fares go up, they're more uncommendable and i don't think they listen to the commuters. >> if metro was listening, what would you want to tell them? >> figure it out. it works. it's worked in new york city for a long time. it should be able to work here. >> metro says it understands some riders may be frustrated, but at this point, metro still doesn't know what caused the power outage. the crews have been out on the tracks all night trying to make sure this problem is fixed for this morning's rush. this morning, workers will begin removing parts of the national cathedral. starting next week, engineers will scale the side of the cathedral to look for more damage.
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weeks after the earthquake, a 3.0 tremor hit around lunchtime forcing students at two schools to evacuate. it's the 42nd aftershock to hit since the 5.8 magnitude quake on august 23rd which damaged about 1300 homes and did $15 million in damage. right now, police looking for a man who has been groping young girls in prince georges county. police say the man as inappropriately touched two girls. both incidents occurred before school, the shortly after 7:00 in the morning. the latest happened yesterday. police say in both cases, the man assaulted the girls and took off running. police say extra patrols and surveillance will be added. they urge students to walk in pairs and stay alert. in oakton, virginia, police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl on her way to school. this happened around 6:30 yesterday morning. the girl told police the man
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began talking to her before asking him to get into his car. when she refused, the suspect grabbed her and attempted to force her to get inside the car. the teen did manage to get away. police looking for a white 4-door vehicle with a baby on board sign on the driver's side. new this morning, we know the name of a gunman who shot and killed eight people at a hair salon in california. police say the gunman, 42-year-old scott decray walked into the salon and started shooting. eight people were killed and six others were wounded. one of the victims is listed in critical condition this morning. friends of the salon owners say decray was the ex-husband of a stylist who worked at that salon. the so-called underwear bomber admitted he tried to bring down a u.s. jet to get back at americans for killing muslims. umar farouk abdulmutallab was in
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court yesterday. the bombing failed, but abdulmutallab was badly burned. he faces a mandatory life sentence. after the trial of dr. conrad murray, the prosecutor will call two more witnesses. in a spreesing move, attorneys for murray dropped the claim that michael jackson may have swallowed the fatal dose of propofol. this comes after the defense obtained a study that shows swallowing propoe follow would be ineffective. >> dispensable propofol in someone else's home without the proper medical personnel or equipment was an extreme
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deviation from the standard of care. >> dr. murray just spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep and now you're telling me he should awake b him? >> awaken him. propo follow is not indicated for sleep. >> it's still not clear if jackson might have injected himself with the anesthesia. >> happening today, president obama will invite china's president to the white house. the select few who will be chosen to attend the event will be the chance to attend the arrival sale ceremony. south korea is one of the most wired nations on the planet. >> interesting. 4:38 is our time. ahead on news 4 today, not out of the woods yet.
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why that listeria outbreak may continue to be on the climb even though the cantaloupe have been pulled from the store shelves. >> nine, nine, nine. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> and a long shot no more. wait until we show you how popular white house hopeful herman
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time for the weather and traffic on the 1s on this thursday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kurine. at 4:41, we've got some patchy fog and drizzle throughout the region. there's a little bit of to go, too. we also have some showers with a little bit of thunder and lightning advancing south so north from southern faulk county into prince william. those pockets of orange, those are some heavy downpours. maybe thunder and lightning popping up right now near great falls. that's advancing a across the potomac and heading into montgomery county shortly. temperatures around the region are cool. we're down into the low to mid 60s throughout much of the area. 65 at reagan national, 50 in shennendoah valley in the mountains. passing showers, mid day, clouds near 70 and during tavern, low 70s.
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late afternoon and into this evening, we could get more thunder showers through mid evening. after that, maybe lingering showers till midnight. we'll be in the upper 60s by then. changes on the way for friday, we'll look at that and improving news for the weekend and into next week. that will be at 4:51. danella, how is traffic? good morning. right now, police and the fire department are on the scene at this accident here. duke street at south gordon street. sticking in virginia, checking local roadways for you there, i-95, no problems taking 95 in both directions. 66 looks good, as well, in both directions both inside and outside of the beltway. make your way through the rosalyn tunnel, nice and clear for you as you continue your commute towards the city. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. pat and joe, back to you. >> danella, thank you. time now is 4:43. still to come this morning, maryland is getting a brand new area code. the reason officials say the new code is necessary. also ahead, a breakfast
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battle on capitol hill. the controversy that could have landed snap, crackle and pop and tu can sam on the endangered species list. and the glitch that has
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the recent outbreak of listeria in cantaloupes is the worst in 23 years. so far, it's been linked to 23 deaths across the country including one in maryland. the cantaloupes were recalled in mid-september. but experts say the number of deaths and ill pss could still grow because the symptoms of listeria could take up to two months to appear. the cause of the outbreak is still being investigated. the occupy wall street
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movement which has prompted grassroots activities around the country is now drawing attention overseas. iran's top leader says the wave of protests reflects the serious problem that will ultimately topple capitalism in this country. ayatollah kamani claims the u.s. is in full crisis because it's corrupt foundation has been exposed to the american people. protesters have camped out for the past 3 1/2 weeks in a park in lower manhattan. the group is rallying primarily against corporate greed. they say that's the primary reason for the country's failing economy. new york city mayor michael bloomberg visited protesters to tell them about plans to clean zucati park. bloomberg asked protesters to leave so officials can clean it by the end of the week. the protest has created considerable wear and tear on
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the park. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll shows cain is the best choice, mitt romney is second and rick perry has fallen to just 16% now. posters say this is likely not the last shake-up in the race. a new poll in virginia shows voters are happy with their governor, not so much with the tolls, though, that he's propoet posing. two years into his term, the university poll found that 62% are happy with the job that governor bob mcdonald is doing so far. however, 52% say the governor's plan to collect tolls on interstate 95 at the north carolina border is a bad idea. a developing story nind neesh ya.
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balhi is has had a quake. the walls of some temples along the coast crumbled and the roofs of some homes collapsed. the quake is not strong enough to trigger a tsunami. indonesia sits on a series of fault lines making it prone to quakes and volume containic activity. a second person has died from a helicopter crash in new york. the 43-year-old woman died from her injuries at the hospital. her partner also died when the partner went down in new york's east river last week. the couple, from sydney, australia, were ow a helicopter tour when somebody went wrong. the national safety poll is looking into whether the winds played a role. this morning, the institute for highway safety released a study of crash tests involving 62 models of booster seats.
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half of them got a good rating and many are available at affordable priceses. the results show booster seats work when the shoulder and lap belts are properly positioned. >> it's not riding up on the abdomen, which is vulnerable to injury in a crash. the shoulder belt is sitting snuggly across the center of the shoulder. you don't want it riding off the shoulder or riding up on the they can. >> six of seats were so bad, the national safety institute recommends parents avoid them. check out the results at government regulators working on guidelines for marketing food to children have told a congressional panel that they will not recommend that brand characters be removed from cereal, yogurts and other food
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products. the government has proposed voluntary guidelines for food manufacturers earlier this year. those guidelines included setting maximum levels of fats, sugars and sodium. you'll soon be dialing another area code in maryland thanks to the popularity of smartphones. residents of 15 counties including annarundall and other counties will have to dial 667 before the telephone number. the state had to make the addition because two of the state's area codes, 410 and 443 are running out of numbers. the reason is the growing number of mobile devices. the new code will allow another 8 million unique phone numbers to be created. >> just what we need, more phones and more area codes. >> we have more showers around this morning, also reports of patchy, dense fog.
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so watch out for that. right now, as we take a look at the sky over washington, watch your head. the clouds are low. some very low clouds there. right now, a little bit of drizzle at the reagan national. we have an easterly breeze around 5 to 10 miles per hour. we've had showers marching south to north all the way from southern virginia from richmond up to fredericksburg and right into washington. right now, getting moderate showers, this area of orange and red and yellow. this is a moderate to heavy shower right now in northern fairfax county just now crossing the potomac, heading into potomac, maryland, towards germantown over the next 15 or 20 minutes. farther south, another pocket of modern rain, southern prince william county. elsewhere, we're getting sprinkles and drizzle around. blue ridge west, we're in the
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50s in most locations. here is the rainfall expected today, tonight and maybe tomorrow morning. we'll generally have in this green zone less than half an inch. t so as we take a look at what's happening here for the rest of the day, sunrise at 7:15 and a passing showers this morning. maybe a little thunder and lightning. cloudy mid day. then more showers and maybe some thunder this afternoon and early this evening and all the way until around midnight, we could have passing showers. tomorrow morning through mid day friday, we could get more showers and sun back tomorrow afternoon. highs in the low 70s getting breezy. beautiful weekend, sunny with highs near 70. as we get into next week, it will stay dry monday, maybe showers tuesday afternoon and evening. cooler after that. danella, good morning, how is traffic. >> good morning. the earlier accident on duke and jordan street is now out of the
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roadway, now moved to the side of the road. looking at the beltway, not seeing any problems. a very good sign. taking the beltway in principle georges county, you are clear. the roadway is very wet. give yourself extra time this morning. not seeing any problems at robinson terminal at all. great sign. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. back to you both. >> thank you. you can make a real fashion statements with today's nbc 4 fandamonium prize. we're giving away five limited edition news 4 t-shirts. >> like our nbc washington page on facebook. sign up for great prizes. we pick a winner at 6:00 p.m. and make the announcement during our is 11:00 a.m. forecast. talk about having a good year, coming up, a look at how much money billionaire warren
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buffett earned last year. and talk about brown bagging it. why commuters may be raising a
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your blackberry may still not be getting the service this morning. an outage affecting e-mail and instant messaging service
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started overseas and spread yesterday. research in motion, the maker of the blackberry says the problem started when a router switch in europe failed causing a massive data jam. the late jest update on the company's website this morning says service levels on both overseas and in the u.s. have increased significantly, but delayed in service can still be expected. warren buffett calls himself mega rich and now he's revealing just how much money he made last year. in a letter to kansas congressman, the billionaire investor says he made close to $63 million last year. buffett and representative tim hulescamp have been sparring in recent weeks of buffett's call for higher taxes on the wealthy. buffett has said the 17% tax rate he paid on his earnings is too low when compared to the x taxes paid by middle class earnings. you may not have seen this on metro, but fellow riders could see passengers carrying
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the product of relieving themselves. the dutch railway company has no toilets on the train and has introduced bags for people who feel the urge and need and can't wait for the next stop. the inventor of the bag says once used, within three to five seconds the urine turns into gel. for privacy, commuters can use an area just behind the engineer. i bet the engineer loves that. now, live in hd, this is news 4 today. an amber alert in maryland, how you can help find this boy who has now been missing for two weeks. >> welcome to to news 4 t


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